Bubble TV Limited has its origins in the early career of its Founder and CEO, Chris Phinikas.

As early as 1986, Chris was forging out a successful career in the post production industry.
It was in 2002 when he first became freelance and 2003 when he took the leap into business ownership
creating Bubble Television, moving into Berners Mews and creating two studios.
Another studio was added in 2005 as well as an edit suite.

Bubble continued to grow in the following years and, in 2010,
Chris took the opportunity to acquire Silk Sound Limited from the retiring owner.

With a rich heritage that spans over 40 years Silk was best known for its
sound studios and voice recording expertise. 
A large and comfortable grading suite was added to Silk’s facilities.

Further small acquisitions have been made in early 2015 to broaden the Company’s overall offering,
making Bubble an increasingly an attractive “One stop Shop” for its valued client base.